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Our philosophy has to do with the integrated approach in property management, having as priority users' and buildings' or investments' safety in the long run. This approach is related with building's economic cycle, its sustainable usefulness and its supperiority against competition. Our services are "one stop shop" and we are proud that we offer them completely in-house, while the majority of competition is unable. So, synergies are working in a multiplication, meaning that interdepartmental cooperation save resources and time.

Our culture is both property-oriented and customer-oriented, offering balanced results. Our main ambition is to monitor property technology, property market and legislation with innovative training. We are the first company in sector that has adopted the application of property operation manual, the use of non-destructive equipment, portfolio analysis and the strict standardization of operations, aiming in productivity and effectiveness increment.

PFM is the most innovative, qualified, certified property management company in Greece. 


Our mission is to spread the principles and best practices over property management and to conquer the top position in Europe, maintaining buildings safe, profitable, with the lowest energy, financial and community cost compared with the others and within morality.


Athens, Vassou Tim. 26 (4th Floor)
Post Code 11521

Phone: +30 210 6444090
FAX: +30 210 6464125


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