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Our customers usually have identified and recognised the need for property management and asset management from property professionals, thus they demand:

  • Property professionals and experts with significant experience in building construction, property management, building renovation, building operation which exploit the available for these reasons as well as for their uninterrupted communication
  • Immediate actions and information concerning changes in legislation for property taxation, property borrowing, energy production and savings that affect property investment
  • Money saving from:
    • Procurement of equipment and supplies due to high volume orders
    • Preventive maintenance of building equipment and hardware for useful life extension
    • Technology improvements, replacing old and obsoleted equipment with newer and more efficient ones
  • Environmental protection 
    - Reduction of toxic and polluting emissions through the use of ecological and labelled products
  • Safety
    - Identification of high building risks
    - Space labeling and space control
  • Special manipulations from property experts
  • Professional brokerage through our website

Our duty is to conduct a property investment plan which matches our customers investment profile, taking into consideration their investment needs and total investment plan regarding other investments (cash deposits, bonds, shares, etc). We conduct for every customer a specialized property investment plan and we adjust on it a specialised property manual.

PFM's customers are retail stores (CoffeewayFreshlineNotos Com), chemical and industrial companies (ΕΚΟGiannidis Group of companies), Greek Public sector (United Fund of Supplementary Insurance), United states of America (U.S. Embassy in Greece), foreign property owners and other domestic owners and expatriates.

Athens, Vassou Tim. 26 (4th Floor)
Post Code 11521

Phone: +30 210 6444090
FAX: +30 210 6464125


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